Monday, May 30, 2011

I want to cook.

Yes, I want to cook. I cook all the time at home and I can count the number of times I have cooked in Spain on one hand. And it's always omlettes. It is funny the things I miss about home.
I miss the ability to go camping, not that I go camping often. But you just can't pitch a tent wherever you want in Spain. And plus I don't think anyone really does.. I also miss driving. And being able to do whatever I want. I think I had more freedom when I lived at home. So I am looking forward to going home. Mostly, I am looking forward to being with my parents again. I can't wait til they get here in June.

I went to a bull fight last night. The bulls are killed. One fact I learned in Spain. It is really quite horrible. But I am glad I went. There were 6 bull fights in all and each lasted about fifteen or twenty minutes. They irritate the bull to make him made and then stab it several times with small blades every few minutes. Finally they use a large blade and stab it one last time so it dies. If it dosen't die they chase it around til it falls and then stab it again. Really really horrible. But fun to see for one time in my life.

Last week was Feria. It was decent. It was like a normal fair but open all night and there are many dance clubs. Which I really hate in general so it wasn't that much fun. The first two nights I went sucked but the third night was a lot of fun because I went with all my friends. I wanted to go home at 4am but one of my friends literally would not let me go. He said it was illegal in Spain to go home before 5am. So, a friend texted Marta to ask what time I had to be home and she said I could arrive home when I was tired. So I stayed until 6am when Marta was texting my friend saying I was in trouble because I wasn't home. I didn't really get this, and neither did anyone else because she had said I could stay out. Anyways, I got home at 6:30 and wasn't tired and really upset I couldn't stay out because my friends went to see the sunrise. Oh well.

I don't have much else to report. I didn't do much this week other than the feria and the bull fight. Pretty jealous I couldn't be at home for my parents memorial day party. There better be an Anna returns day party! I will make Sangria. And maybe finally cook something. I keep stumblingupon fantastic recipies that look just so good. I am saving them and I will probably be master chef when I get back.

Until next week!

Saturday, May 21, 2011

From Córdoba to Paris

Let me begin by apologizing to my entire 13 blog followers. I admit I had forgotten to update my blog, and then I remembered but I was too busy. I guess many things have happened over the past few weeks. I don’t go to school anymore. I have been spending my mornings exploring the Judería (Jewish Quarter) and the afternoons with friends. I am being responsible and not sleeping till noon every day. I think the latest I have woken up was around ten, but mostly I try to get up early to beat the heat during my walks. Two weeks ago Córdoba was filled with tourists admiring the Patios, which are the gardens in the courtyard of the homes. Córdoba in May is quite famous actually, and quite beautiful. I went and saw the Patios two times and was impressed. I also discovered that the Royal Stables are centered here and they have shows of their spectacular horses, which I am hoping to see soon.

I walked with my class here. It was really nice because I am not able to graduate with my class at home. It was terrifying. I had to wear heels and walk down a sloped walkway and walk across a stage. Absolutely horrifying, but thankfully I didn’t trip. After the ceremony we had a lovely dinner at a hotel and an after party there as well. The teachers partied with us, which was very strange to me. Boys who are usually shy and don’t talk to me came up to me and all drunkenly declared their love for me… About five of them at the same time so I was obviously confused. I had to leave early, around four, so my friend Javi called a cab for me and I went home. Marta didn’t even come in til nine in the morning the next day. By that time I was sitting in the airport in Sevilla waiting for my flight to Paris.

So, yes, I went to Paris. Another reason why I haven’t updated in a while. The city is gorgeous. The monuments, the churches, the food, the beautiful people. I have almost nothing to complain about, other than the smell. You see, Spain is quite a lovely smelling country, what with the ubiquitous orange trees. There is really nothing lovely to smell in Paris. The smell of urine by the Seine and the tuberculosis of the homeless people really covers up the smell of crêpes and pastries. But, to say the least, the city is amazing. I stayed with an old friend from middle school who happens to be an au pair in the city. She has a small apartment about two minutes away from the Pantheon and about ten minutes away from Notre Dame. She lives in a perfect area. Of course, I fell ill the first day I arrived in the city. But I fought it off and woke up every day around 8:30 or 9 to start my explorations.

I saw it all, probably every famous church and monument in the city, but sadly I only saw the Louvre and Rodin museum. I am absolutely not an art buff, so it was okay. I think after a take a few art history courses and have confidence in my art knowledge I can return to the city and go on a museum tour. Luckily, since I am an EU citizen with my visa, I was able to enter everything for free, except the Pantheon, because the French woman working there was not friendly at all. Even though they were supposed to let me in free, she did not.

I met up with my 7th grade science teacher who is a friend of the family’s which was really fun. I also saw a girl from my high school on the street near Notre Dame. I stopped and greeted her in a daze. I didn’t even know she would be there. I am sure I was extremely awkward because I was just so surprised to see her.

I went to Shakespeare and Company and Tea and Tattered Pages, both famous english book stores. I bought one Agatha Christie, a Sherlock Holmes, and The Great Gatsby. Fantastic souvenirs If you ask me. I also saw Midnight in Paris while I was there. If you don’t know, it’s a new movie with Owen Wilson that premiered at Cannes two weeks ago. It was so surreal because I had been to all the places in the movie and they even had a shot of the movie theatre I was actually in. I thought it was a lovely film and I really think it displayed the magic of the city. It was light hearted, go see it.

So, on Friday I got on the metro to take an hour long bus ride to the airport to go back to Spain. I took a train from Sevilla back home to Córdoba. When I got in the car I told my parents that I think I had to go to the doctor. I didn’t mean right then, but I guess I sounded really sick. We went to the ER and waited almost two hours to see the doctor for three minutes. They gave me a prescription for an antibiotic and cough medicine, which are helping. I hope to be able to leave the house on Monday. This week is Feria. I can see the lights and fireworks from the roof of my home. I think it will be spectacular.

Anyways, I know I really didn’t go into great depth, but so much has happened and I don’t want to sit here for hours talking about stuff when I am not sure anyone actually reads this. Actually, my host sister reads it. So here you are, Marta, a whole blog dedicated to you!

Tuesday, May 3, 2011

I feel pressured to come up with a good blog title...

This past week has been sort of a nonevent. I finally went to school for a complete week, the first time in like 6 or 7 weeks. It was hell. But I only have two more days left of school.

Friday was the confermation of everyone in my grade. I went to the party with my friends from school. It was really fun because everyone from my class was there. On Saturday Marta went out with her friends and I stayed at home with the parents. We went grocery shopping and made hommemade pizza. We ate in the living room and watched CSI. I fell asleep on the couch and woke up at 2:30 and they were still watching CSI, but Carloman was snoring. Sunday was mother's day and the day before Carloman and I made Honey Lamb. So for lunch on Sunday we sat in the dining room and had a very elegant meal. It was delicious too. Marta went out to see a friend and she was supposed to come home and pick me up, but she came home at like 11pm and we couldn't go out. So I never got to see Cruces this weekend. And I was in the house for almost the whole weekend. It kind of sucked. But I really enjoyed spending time with my host parents on Saturday.

Thursday is my last day of school so on Friday I am going to go to Cadiz. It will be really fun. I get to be with my friends and be on the beach. The weekend after is graduation and then I go to Paris. It is weird because I have plans for like every weekend this month. For feria, hopefully, Kata will come and stay with me for a few days.

So grocery stores in Spain: you can find every type of meat. You can buy tongue, brain, kidneys... All types of fish including octopus. They even sell rabit. The fish section seems super unsanitary to me but I haven't gotten sick yet!

I also learned about wines this week. The montillo or amontillado wine is from Córdoba and is really famous. I tired a glass with Carloman and I really liked it. It is made completely differently but I can't explain it without a diagram. The taste is very different though.