Monday, June 20, 2011

Five Months!

This week is my last week here in Spain. My parents are coming on Saturday. I have had to start thinking about packing. It is crazy to think that it has been five months. It dosen't feel like it at all. My host family has really became my family, and I feel like a part of it. It is going to be really hard to say goodbye. Juana is making all my favorites this week.

I have been pretty busy. I went to the beach for a couple of days. I barely did anything other than be on the beach. It was the same time as senior beach week at home. This week Marta and I have a lot of plans. We are going today to do a little shopping and then I have to buy all the train and bus tickets for my parents and I. Tomorrow we are going to meet her mom for breakfast and then going to a palace. On Wednesday we are going to Granada for the day. And Thursday we are going to the ruins outside of the city.

I think the week is going to go by really really fast. We have so much planned. My parents and I are staying here for two days and then staying a night in Sevilla. We then fly to Pisa, spend a night there, and then go to Florence for the week. After we are returning home on the 6th. I have to go register for classes and take my Spanish placement test the next two days. And then I spend one night at home after orientation at USC and then fly down to Sarasota with Katherine and Kristin. So all in all I will be home on the 15th of July. It will be so much travelling.. But I am so happy I can join Kat and Kristin on their vacation. My excuse for a vacation is "It will help me readjust to American life."

I know it has been so long since I have posted last.. It has become hard to blog about my life because I am so used to it now. Marta has finally finished her exams. While she was studying I went to the Judería a lot. (The Jewsish Quarter and really old part of the city.) I know it really well now. There is a tiny little church that is breathtaking. I have seen all of the famous churches in France and I have seen the Sagrada Familia in Barcelona and still this tiny little church impressed me much more than any of the others did. There is one small room and the walls are painted and it is just so old and so the paintings on the celing are crumbling. The walls on the side are dark blue with stars on them. It is spectacular.

I will post again I think in Florence and I will probably post again when I arrive home. I am excited to be home to see my best friend and family. But this week will be hard.. I have a life here. I have friends and I have a family that I am really close with.

Until next time, if anyone still reads this!