Friday, January 28, 2011

I am currently on the plane flying to Frankfurt, Germany where I will be for a maximum of two hours. It is 9:14 pm North Carolina time.. but it is 3:14am Spanish and German time. We left Boston today around 4pm. I actually had a really good time there. There are eight students travelling with me and two trip directors. None of the other students are going to Cordoba. One of the coordinators, Maggie, said that Cordoba is her favorite city in Spain… so I feel very lucky. While in Boston we went to a acrobat/ psychology show. The acrobats each had a psychological problem and acted it out through flying in the air. It was extremely impressive. I slept like a homeless man in a luxury hotel after an amazing bath and a five star dinner. Also, the hotel had a hot breakfast in the morning and had omelets that were unusually good. So it seems like a great start to a great trip. Not to mention that the flight I am on right now is amazing. They first gave us pretzels and drinks then hot towels. For dinner I had baked ziti, salad, a rosemary roll, cheese, sprite, and chocolate mousse. Maybe all international flights are like this… but I am impressed to say the least. Also I have watched two movies that are new releases… not so shabby.
Leaving North Carolina was the hardest part of the trip so far… I don’t think anything else will be harder really. My best friends all slept over the night before. Saying goodbye to them was hard but not heart breaking. My boyfriend, Austin, and my mother took me to the airport. I arrived late for baggage check so I had to get a flight that was two hours later. So instead of ripping off the bandage extremely fast, I ripped it off painstakingly slow. I mostly held it together until the last 30 minutes I was with them. I cried moderately loud. The thought really of walking away from my mother, who I am really close to, and walking away from Austin was the most heart breaking thing I have had to do. I know it sounds melodramatic but it was really that difficult for me. Watching Austin wave to me through glass while I was in security was just terrible. The woman in line behind me asked if I was okay. And the security guard gave me two tissues. I finally pulled it together while I was at the gate and I have been pretty much fine since then… which is very good.
I know this is kind of a filler blog since it does not have any exciting details about being abroad, but I am on a seven hour flight and I have already watched two movies, ate, and slept. So right now the only entertaining thing I have to do is listen to the four Beatles cd’s I put on my computer before I left and write. I guess I will post again while I am in Barcelona or probably while I am on the train from Barcelona to Cordoba. Hope all is well back in the U.S.!

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