Tuesday, February 15, 2011

Bull's Tail

It has been a while since I have posted last. I don't think anything extremely exciting has happened in the mean time.
Over the last weekend we went to the dance club and my feet hurt. The next night we went to an Italian restaurant. I, of course, had spaghetti. Another American girl came with us. She is here for two weeks with her class from school and staying with a friend of Marta's. She's really nice. Everyone came to the house after we ate and I tried to teach a friend how to jerk. That didn't really work out.
On Sunday we went back to the old part of Cordoba. It was even more beautiful in the day time. There are so many shops with beautiful jewlery and many other things. We went to a traditional Spanish restaurant called Casa Rubio. It was amazing. My favorite thing we had consisted of chunks of beef with potatoes and it was kind of like a stew.. without the broth. After I ate all of it they told me that it was Bull's Tail. Which is a traditional dish in Andalucia. I was excited because I had been wanting to try it.
Yesterday was Valentine's Day. A few girls passed out everyones suckers, flowers, and notes to the whole school. These are all the things you could pay for to have delivered during school. They came to my class and I got two suckers... from teachers... and then Clara said "Anna I have a note for you." I looked up at her all surprised, wondering who would send me a note. Then she said "It's from Austin." I freaked out and grabbed the note from her. I was so surprised. Marta had told him about how we can have notes delivered on Valentine's Day and he wrote one. She printed it and put it in the box to be delivered. It was so nice!
Today I did not go to school. I am feeling sick. I have had a headache since last night. This weekend we might go to a sushi party! I am excited for this. Sushi is so good! Well I will try to write again soon!

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