Sunday, February 20, 2011

It has been awhile..

It has been awhile since I have posted last.. Almost a week. Today it is very sunny and warm outside. I love it. I honestly think that if I cannot lay out in the sun soon and soak up warmth I will shrivel up and die. I am very over the winter... and very ready for the summer. I am already making summer plans.. Like camping on Carolina Beach. And looking at vacation spots in Croatia for my family.

I did not go to school twice last week. I have been having trouble sleeping at night even when I don't take a nap during the day... even if I am dead tired. It rained all week last week and I couldn't go outside to run. It was just sort of a blah few days. But then the sun came out and I went for a run and went shopping and felt so much better. I bought a leather jacket and I am really excited about it. I want to wear it eveywhere. I also bought a curling iron. I really couldn't go another day without one.

So this weekend we did not have a sushi party. There is a big group of Americans here for two weeks and we all went out to this street where people can legally drink underage. The plan was to go there and then go to the discoteca. Well I did not drink because I abhor the taste of alcohol. Hate is just not a strong enough word. So, because of the fact that I was the only one with a mild idea of what was going on that wasn't drinking.. I became mommy for two of the American girls who just can't handle their rum and coke. It was extremely entertaining for me. I checked on one girl and then came back literally five minutes later and she had a huge gash in her chin and was bleeding everywhere. We ended up not going to the discoteca because it closed due to the electricity going out... even though we had already bought tickets. It sucked. So instead of going somewhere else or just going home or getting food all of the Spanish people decided it was a good idea to just sit in the street. I was so cold. And tired. I really just wanted to take an awesome bubble bath and read a book. But we stayed outside in the freezing cold until 2:30am. We came home and I put a sweatshirt and sweatpants on and curled under the covers. I couldnt get warm so I took a hot shower for about 2 minutes. I then put on two sweatshirts and 2 pairs of sweatpants and wrapped a blanket around me and then got under the covers. I was still cold. It was terrible. I warmed up eventually and got to sleep.

Last night we went to a friend's birthday party but only stayed til 11. Marta didn't feel well and she was really tired. We came home and I watched some Psych and tried to call Austin but could not get ahold of him. So I just went to bed.

This morning around 10:30 Juana came in my room and speaking to me in Spanish said that we are having churros for breakfast and I must get up. I was throughouly confused. Why did I have to get up now for churros? So I stumbled into Marta's room and asked her. Apparently churros are only good hot. So we ate churros and dipped them in chocolate. It was SO good. I loved them. But I was really tired. I went back to sleep until 1:30 after breakfast. I had a really weird dream that my mom and dad came here because it was on their way to the Cayman Islands. We went to a grocery store together which was a Harris Teeter. I begged to go with them because I am craving the sun so much. The dream switched to me eating lunch with a few people and a Spanish speaking man was really pissing me off because I couldn't understand what he was saying because he was whispering his Spanish at me. Very strange dreams.

So right now we are about to go to an Asian restaurant for lunch. I am excited... just to eat. I am really hungry. I hope it is delicious!

On Friday I received my mom's package in the mail. It was the best. I got Dexter season 4, Entourage season 6, Psych season 4, 2 Scott Westerfeld books, and the new Decemberists album. A pretty successful care package if I do say so myself. I sent her a package over a week ago. I really hope it gets there soon. I really want the package Austin is sending too. I know he is putting his blanket in it and it is cold in my room at night. I wish I had brought my snuggie!

Oh well I will try to write again soon!

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  1. I just now am getting around to reading this, and I laughed at your dream :D

    Creepy man whispering spanish...