Saturday, February 5, 2011

I have never been so happy to hear Shania Twain on the Radio

Today is Saturday. Last night I went out with Marta and some friends. First we went shopping and I bought Austin some stuff for Valentine's Day. We then went to a bar to dance and then went to dinner. It was a lot of fun. My friend Clara, from my class at school, reminds me a lot of my best friend at home, Shelby. They both are very good dancers and very friendly and nice.

The philosophy teacher at school gave me a book on ethics to translate during the day. It is really hard and I have to look up almost every word in the dicctionary. My economy teacher laughed at this saying "it is too hard for you!" It is okay though because otherwise I would fall asleep during class.

I am frustrated with how little Spanish I know. I do learn more everyday and especially at the night classes, but life would be so much easier if I knew Spanish. I also would not get headaches so easily and be tired all of the time. It will come eventually though. It has only been a week and a half since I have left home and in the next month I will be a million times better.

I really would like to travel. I would love to go visit other people in my program in their cities. I also would really like to plan a trip to Greece for a vacation. It is hard for me to be around people all of my waking hours... Just because I love to have alone time. I take naps every day after school. Despite the infamous "siesta" I think that my naps are strange to my family. If you know me well you know that I take a nap every day. Even if it is a Saturday... It is a part of my alone time that I love so much.

I am currently out in the garden. It is a very beautiful day. I am guessing that it is about 60 degrees out and the sun is shining. I can't wait for it to get into Spring though because I want to tan. I am very pale compared to every single person here... And it would just be nice to lay out and relax. There is a swimming pool right behind my house. I am very excited to use it.

I think my sister, Katherine, is coming to visit me. I am very excited for this because then I will be able to travel to somewhere on the coast with her. I really hope she comes because I know that by April I will be very thankful for someone to speak English to. Speaking of Americans... There is an American boy from Connecticut coming for ten days to Marta's friends house. I am very excited for this too.

Today I applied to App State. My parents wanted me to have in-state backup plans in case for some reason USC does not work out. I had applied to NCSU and UNC but I would not want to go to either of them so ASU is really my only option. I would love living in the mountains and Boone is an incredible town. I just don't really want to go to a college where I know a lot of people...

I do really miss American television. Everyday at home I relax and watch an episode or two of Psych or Entourage or something like that. I cannot watch netflix from my computer here due to international laws. It is stupid. Austin and I always watch criminal shows at home too... about murderers. I really miss that too. I miss Mexican food. I miss a lot of things but I love it here. They all drink Coke Zero or Diet Coke. I have learned not to say yes to a coke unless I am out at a restaurant. Coke Zero is disgusting.

I still like school very much. Everyone loves talking to me and class is always fun. All of the teachers are very nice. All of the people are so nice in my class.

Anyways.. All is well on the Spanish front. I hope all is well back west. I miss saying very strange things. Hahahaha. I wil post again soon!

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