Tuesday, February 8, 2011

So Far So Good

I have been gone for almost two weeks now. Everything is going very well. Everyone still really likes me at school. Over the weekend I went out with friends and had a lot of fun. We saw the Mosque that Cordoba is famous for and the old Roman bridge. It is extremely beautiful. I have posted many pictures on my facebook. I am learning a lot of Spanish but it is still not enough. I am still frustrated with it. I am also tired all of the time just because I translate in my head when people talk to me in Spanish. Also, my body is still thinking it is 3am when it is actually 9am and I have to stay awake for math class.

I feel very welcome here. It would be much harder if the people were not open and very nice. Yesterday some boys in my class were talking to me and asked if I missed my family and boyfriend. I said yes I do. They responded with, "do not worry we are your family now!" It made me feel really good (: They also told me that they would be very sad when I leave. All of the boys are huge characters... They remind me of monkeys. They are always messing around with each other and making jokes. It is very fun to talk with them. The boy who sits next to me, Javi, is teaching me Spanish. He speaks very little English and so I help him during English class. It helps a lot. The philosphy teacher who gave me the ethics book to translate told me today that I do not have to do it now. I can do it when I learn more Spanish. I just think he wanted me to be doing something during class and now I have a Spanish workbook from my nigh Spanish classes that I work on literally all day.

I have started running and working out. I will work out everyday. It makes me feel less tired and refreshes my mind. There is a lot of excitement it seems for Valentine´s Day. At lunch the girls in my class sell orders for a single flower for people to buy for their Valentine. The flower will be delivered on Valentine´s Day during class.

Last night we had my favorite dinner so far. It is called salad but it is not a regular salad. It is sliced oranges with avacado and cod fish on top. Olive oil is drizzled over it of course. I love it. It tastes so good. Juana serves it and many different kinds of sausages and smoked, sliced, and dried meat which is also very good. Carloman always tells me how everything is the best in Spain. Bananas, oranges, olive oil, wine... Almost everything.. except for corn. They do not know how to make corn on the cob. They want me to make it for them. I think this is funny because it is the easiest thing on the planet to make. Just put it in a pot of boiling water for a while and eat it.

On Sunday I went to McDonald´s. The menu is very different. There is a BigMac and a Quarter Pounder. They also have wedge fries. They have other burgers but none of the rest are the same. They do not have a McDouble. It made me sad. Hahaha. The dollar menu is also very small. "The Euro Menu."

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