Wednesday, February 2, 2011


Today was my first day of school. It is very different from American high school but reminds me of my middle school. Everyone was extremely excited for me to come to school. I was bombarded by people in the morning greeting me and telling me their names and asking me questions. Everyone is so so so nice. During class most of the entire first period consisted of conversation in Spanish about me. Other students walked by my class and would peek in the window and stare at me to see what I look like. I have never been so popular. I almost feel famous. I hear “Americana” everywhere. I thought that it would be really annoying because I am one that likes my privacy, but it is really nice that everyone wants to talk to me. I do not feel lonely when otherwise I probably would. I am in love with these people. They are incredibly nice. I keep repeating that but I cannot get over it. I was not in class with Marta and so a girl named Clara kind of took me under her wing. Well, all of the girls took me under their wings, but Clara especially. They all ask me about American music, television, the age that girls have sex at, how to say “I have to pee”, but especially about American football, cheerleaders, parties, and prom. They asked me what football players look like. I was very amused by it all. One boy told me that my life is like a movie. I immediately denied such a preposterous statement, but they insisted. I told them about the Saturday night bonfires at home we always have… I got “Like American Pie??” as a response. I denied that too. Clara has the “American Dream”. I told her that it is very similar here and she refused to believe such a thing. All the girls want to go to American parties. I laughed so much at school.
I get car sick very easily here. I thought it was because I was reading signs and trying to understand the Spanish being spoken, but now I know it is because Juana has a small car that is a stick shift and I have never ridden with such jerky driving. I have a headache and nausea for an hour and a half after riding in the car. It is awful. The Spanish people also park horrendously. This also amuses me. Instead of straightening out their car they just leave it parked sideways.
I love the food very much here but I am craving all the junk food I eat at home, mostly because it is leaving my system and my body is just addicted to crap. Yesterday I was talking to Austin on skype after he finished school and he was eating spaghetti. I still can’t stop thinking about it. I talk to Austin probably more than I should but I do not think it makes homesickness worse. It makes me feel better actually. It would be bad for me if I could not talk to him because he is the one person I always tell everything to and he knows me so well so it is just so much easier to talk.
I am starting a night Spanish class tomorrow. I had to take a placement test and I have class four times a week from 8-10pm. I just wish I could wake up tomorrow and be more than fluent in Spanish. I understand mostly when people talk to me… slowly… but It is much harder to respond in Spanish. It takes me a while and I often respond in a mix of the two languages. It is getting better though. I understand more every day. I write words down in my journal that I do not know and then go over them in my free time.
I have spent a lot more time on the computer than I am used to because at home I do not have a lot of time to myself. I am always with Austin, Shelby, Jordan, or Rachel… or working… or sleeping. I have a lot more free time I guess here. Today all of the girls in my class asked me to go shopping with them and I wanted to but I am not allowed to ride on a motorbike.
In about a week is mine and Austin’s 2 months and almost Valentine’s Day so I will send a package. I just need to go shopping and get stamps and stuff like that. It is hard to be away.
I will write again soon. I like writing these a lot.

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