Monday, March 28, 2011

4 Semanas Mas

I only have 4 weeks left of school. Not counting this one....
But still. School is boring! I am going to go to a different class though for an hour during the day for French class. I should probably know a few words of French before I go to Paris for a week... I don't want to get lost..

Anyways. This past weekend I went out with my classmates to the discoteca. We stayed there until 4am. :/ and then I slept at Clara's house. We slept for one hour before we had to get up and go to a small city near Málaga. We went with the curch of the school. We walked about ten miles around the town and sang church songs. The town was incredible though. Huge mountains surrounded it and the sky was perfect. I was dead tired though. I fell asleep on the concrete steps outside the church, and got sunburnt on my face. I made friends with the little girls of the school. They all wrote their names on my hand. It was really cute. We had a church service that lasted way too long and sang contemporary Christian music. It was lovely. :/

But really, the town was amazing. I want to return with my parents.

I created a new food. There wasn't a lot of ingedients in the house the other day that I could use to make food for dinner. I found an onion, a tomato, a can of tuna, two eggs, and tortialls. So, of course, I made scrambled eggs with tuna and onions, rolled in a tortilla, with tomato, onion, and curry powder salsa. It was surprisingly really good. I am pretty sure in the future when I have kids they are going to call it "Mom's Tuna Surprise."

Because of my incredible lack of sleep, I slept for 13 hours on Saturday night. On Sunday we went to a café and then to the park. Franco and Rafa brought their guitars and we had a good time. It was really cold yesterday though.

I bought some peanut butter over the weekend. Last night I had a really great sandwich and an apple with peanut butter. The Spanish people are not so down on peanut butter. It was hard to find and only the really big supermarkets carry it.

The quality of a Spanish sandwich is so much better than American sandwiches. They get a baguette and put really good meat on it with olive oil. They are delicious.

My friend Inma said that we can ride bikes to the lake the weekend after next. This will be really fun. I have been wanting to hang out with her. I eat with her and her friends during break at school. They are all very nice and funny. I think I am going to start walking to the library or riding a bike instead of riding on the motorbike with Marta. It is only like 3 kilometers away.

Alright well that's about it.

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