Sunday, March 20, 2011


Yesterday I explored a castle. I feel really cool because I can say that. I guess I am excited because there arent any castles in America.. It is in an old Arabian town near Cordoba. It overlooks the river and is huge. It was also probably around 80 degrees yesterday. At the castle we had a traditional medieval lunch. About 50 people were in this big room and a jester guided our little experience. He made Marta and I play a game in front of everyone. We had to jump across a rope when he said a certain thing. I got third place but I still had to go sit in the jail. We had to eat with our hands because in medieval times apparently they did not have forks. We had salmorejo ( a traditional Spanish dip.) and a salad thing and lots of meat: chicken, pork, beef, and lamb. It was delicious. The gift shop sold real swords. I loved it. The view was amazing too. Oh, it was father's day here yesterday. For dinner Marta and I went to Fosters, the American restaurant. It was exactly like Friday's or Ruby Tuesdays. We had ribs, bacon cheese fries, and a quesedilla. Oh and unlimited Pepsi. I asked the waiter for a to go box and he said he didnt understand my accent. I think that he did, but he was trying to be rude because I ordered the food in English, because the menu was in English.

Friday was some sort of holiday. I have no idea what it was called. We went to a middle eastern restaurant (half way fast food) and then went to the bull fighting arena and had a party. We then left and went to a friends house. It was a really fun night.

I finally went shopping this week. I have some new clothes that I love! I am going to Madrid in 10 days and on April 12th my class is going to Grenada. I am excited for both. I don't really miss home too much anymore. I really love it here. It is so beautiful. Mountains surroud my town and lately every day has been perfect. I have six weeks left of school! I am very okay with this fact. It is going by so fast though. I have been here for two months and I am so afraid that I wont be fluent in Spanish by the time I come home.

Speaking of learning Spanish... I love my night Spanish classes. I think I just love learning Spanish in general though. I wish I had the class every night of the week. It is for about an hour and a half-2 hours twice a week. There is a girl from Georgia (country not the state) and a girl from Scottland, and a man from England. They are all very nice. There was a girl from Thailand but I think she quit because I haven't seen her in like 3 weeks. I love talking to the English man because some of our words are differnt. Like the word for mohawk and bangs.

And now for my basic daily schedule:
7am- Wake up and get ready for school
7:45am- Leave for school
8am- School starts
8am-11am- Study Spanish grammar.
12-2pm- Pretend I am studying but actually listen to Murphy in the Morning and surf the web.
2:10pm go home
2:30pm Eat lunch.
3pm- Take a shower
4:30pm- Go to the library
5pm- Go to a cafe with friends
8pm- Go to Spanish class
10pm- Go home
10:15pm- Eat dinner
11pm- Go to sleep.

That is my very exciting day. Normally :)

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