Monday, March 7, 2011

Spring Break #1

So I have a week off from school. It is exam week and since I don't take exams, I don't go to school. What am I doing with this week, you might ask? Nothing. Absolutely nothing. Today I woke up and read my book and tanned on the terrace. I then watched an episode od Dexter and went to the library with Marta. We were there for like.. 4 hours? I wrote my family emails and did that lame 30 Day Challenge thing on facebook. Some friends were at the library so it ended up being a pretty fun time.

When I got home I checked my email and I had one from USC. I knew this week I would be finding out about scholarships so I was pretty excited to open it. I have been accepted to be a Capston Scholar. It's a pretty big deal. It is a learning community similar to the honors college. I have a ton of opportunities like study abroad and internships that would not be available to me otherwise. I also get to stay in a really awesome dorm. Perhaps the best dorm on campus. So needless to say, I called my mom with the news. I then went down and had dinner. After dinner Rachel imed me on skype saying I had to call my mom right away. So she starts a video chat on skype. She got a letter from USC saying I have instate tuition and a scholarship on top of that. It is incredible. I would not have been able to go to USC without a scholarship because out of state tuition is really expensive. I am very happy. My future is set in motion. I have a dorm, a learning community, a $70,000 scholarship to hopefully study International Business program in the country, a USC email address. I am officially a Gamecock!!!!

So, I know this post hasn't really been about Spain- but more about my future. I am so excited! I can't wait to shop for dorm stuff with my best friend, Jordan, who will be going to school about 45 minutes away from me.

All in all, good day. I don't like the fact that I will only be home for a little over a month this summer before I have to go to school. It makes me sad. But at least I will be close to Davie County. (Yes, I know. You probably peed your pants when you read that sentence. Anna Derian... miss Davie County?) Being away from home really has made me appreciate my southern home. Don't be fooled though. I am, of course, going to go to Michigan over the summer... Like always. I just will be happy for the first time to come home to swealtering heat and BBQ. But honestly I have made some true friends in Davie County.

So, eat a BBQ sandwich for me. Adios mis amigos.

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