Sunday, March 13, 2011


It is raining. I am not happy about this because it is cold rain and I would really like the sun. You are welcome for my weather update.

So this week has been quite the week. I have not gone to school and so I haven't done much during the day. I have gotten a lot of sleep which has been GREAT! I am a sleeper. It is what I am good at.. But so I have been going to the library with Marta after she gets home and so I hang out with my friends because they are there and then we go to a cafe or bar. It is fun.

On Friday night I went out with my classmates. I had a really good time with them. All of them are really nice people. I could not stay out long. I am not sure why but Marta said she wanted to be home early so she picked me up early. On Saturday I left home around 1:30 and spent the day with my friend Maryna. Her parents made Mexican food. I was thrilled of course. Her mom also made two different types of cake like desserts. They were delicious. After lunch we watched some tv and then Franko, our other friend came over. He played the guitar while Maryna and I did our hair for Carnival. I dressed up like Peter Pan and Maryna dressed as a Greek goddess. Her mom made the dress. It was very beautiful. Maryna also did my makeup. We looked pretty fantastic.

So her parents packed us a packed dinner of a sandwich and an apple and we went on our merry way to a parking garage to pre-party. We had a really great time. My friends Rafa and Franko and I are like three peas in a pod. At 1am we set off to the party at a club. It was a birthday party but also it was Carnival. Rafa and Franko dressed up as American gangsters. Marta was a fairy, Lola was little red riding hood, and Carmen was a mime. The club was really awesome. It kind of looks like a pirates ship or something on the inside and the birthday boy rented out like all these private rooms and so each group of friends had their own little party room. We also had cupcakes and unlimited coke and a bottle of rum and champagne. We danced the whole night. Lola and I had to go outside because we were too sweaty and hot from dancing.

I ended up having to leave with Marta before everyone else. We left at like 4am and took a cab home. I talked to Franko today and everyone else left at 5:30. So even though I did not want to leave a good time, it was all in all a pretty fantastic night and day.

So now for some observations.
Everyone drives mopeds, not cars.
The roads are really confusing to navigate. Especially with the one way streets and round abouts.
There is not such a thing as free refills. Which is super annoying.
Coffee here is terrible. You can either have cafe bonbon which is just an espresso shot with a kind of condensed milk. It is awful. Or you can have cafe con leche which is just coffee and heated milk. Not good either.
For some reason people love to wear shorts with stockings or tights. I don't understand this. No, it does not look good.
Everyone parts their hair in the middle.
People drink more coke here than in the United States. Everyone also thinks that I drink coke all the time since I am from America... I rarely drink coke.
Peanut butter is a new thing for Spain. Just started being sold in supermarkets.
I love supermarkets. They don't refrigerate eggs or milk.
People don't text as much here as we do at home.
Everything is really close together. People think that the ten minute drive to the downtown is just so bad. I'm like man this is great!

Okay that is it for now! I have to go to school tomorrow... Sadly. But only 16 more days until Madrid!

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