Wednesday, March 23, 2011

We're at War with Libya?

Happy Wednesday everyone! To my 12 followers. I have been studying all morning. I am trying to be fluent in more than one verb tense. My extreme studying efforts are helping though. I study for three straight hours and then speak Spanish for the rest of the day. I now know how to say "My mother has lived here for eight years." I feel like a success. Me perezco a mi madre. I look like my mom. Oh my mad Spanish skills.

Apparently America is now in another war? I heard it yesterday on Murphy in the Morning. I was very surprised. I guess I need to keep up on the news. Not that I really want to go back to America. I was talking to my friend Franco yesterday and we have come up with a plan. I will go home to have my amazing American education and then move back to Spain. In the mean time he is coming to visit. Obviously, I am very happy here. I really want to travel around Europe too. I really need to get busy on buying a ticket to Paris. Note to self: talk to mom about plane ticket. Only 8 more days til I go to Madrid! I am too too excited. Estoy bastante emocionada.

I made a video about my life in Spain. It does not include school. Because school is boring. Yesterday I did not go to school because I am sick. I was sitting outside and I was stung by a bee. It really pissed me off. Right on my hand! In Spain, when you're sick, they think it's from the change in weather or from the sun. They also think you can get sick from not wearing slippers in the house. I am pretty sure I got sick from the kid who sits next to me in class who has sneezed in my dirrection more than once. They also think I am blonde here. In my Spanish class a girl described me as "rubia." I was like whaaaa??? I am so not blonde. Also, it is not rude to call someone fat. Franco and Lola's nicknames are gordo and gorda. I refuse to call them this. Just because it is mean to call someone fat normally for me.

Sunblock is 22€ here. It broke my heart to spend that much on sunblock. But I had to do it. I don't really think I have much to write about. I just really can't study any more today. I do not have a 6 hour attention span. Sorry.

Someone please update me on the news.

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