Tuesday, March 1, 2011

Estoy muy aburrido en mi clase.

Right now I am in class and I am extremely bored. Hopefully writing a blog will keep me awake.

I found an awesome Spanish learning website. I have been on it all morning. Today is Tuesday and we did not have school yesterday. It was Andalucia Day. I had a really easy weekend and didn't do much. I have been sick lately and I have a continuous headache. I watched Harry Potter yesterday online. It was magical. I honestly don't have much to write about. We had Bull's Tail for lunch yesterday. I love it! My mom tried to convince me it's actually bull's penis. But she has no idea.

I left home over a month ago now. I have nightmares that I won't be fluent in Spanish by the end of my stay. That would be extremely dissapointing. I think it would be impossible not to be fluent though...

Yesterday Marta, Celia, and I went to this country area near our house. There is a really old tressel there that goes over a big stream. It is really high up and there is an awesome cave on the other side. We crossed the bridge and I almost wet my pants. It is way to old to be walking across its so rusty! It is so dangerous. I will not be crossing it again. But the country side was really beautiful. The stream is going to be awesome to swim in when it gets hot in the next month. The cave would have been really cool if multiple people hadn't dumped their trash there. That's what gets me about Spanish people. They just seem to dump trash anywhere. It's disgusting.

On Sunday we went to Juana's sister's restaurant in a nearby town. It was really good I loved the food. I also really enjoyed the drive there. I guess you can't really call them mountains.. but we drove through very tall hills with waves of grass. It reminded me of driving out west last summer, but it looked very different. I really miss driving my car because I can't drive here: 1) I don't have insurance and 2) All cars are manual.

Next week the whole school has exams and since I do not do their classes I really hope I get the week off. It would be really awesome if I did. I could sleep in! And then go to the library with Marta and study Spanish after she gets out of school. It would be very relaxing.

My friend Clara said she is going to take me hang gliding in two weeks. I really hope that it actually happens because I think it might be the coolest thing ever. She also is going to take me to the Arab Baths. Which is like a spa, but an extremely awesome one. I could totally go for a head massage.

I think that Austin might have to go to summer school at WCU this summer. It's going to suck because he will be there when I get home. But it won't be so bad. I'll probably see him every weekend- which is a lot better than not seeing him for five months. I am getting excited for college. I have applied for housing at USC already. I also have a USC email address and everything! I think move in date is around August 13th.

So I am going to Madrid for five days in a month. I go from March 31st-April4th. I am very excited for this. It will be a lot of fun and I get to miss three days of school! Missing school is always a plus for me. No offense to Spanish school... just school in general. If Katherine, my sister, can come to Madrid I will leave a couple days earlier so I can spend time with her. It would be really awesome. I would love to see family. My seventh grade teacher and family friend, Lydia, is going to be in Paris in May and so I am planning a trip to stay in Paris for a few days. From the 16th-the 20th. My last day of school is the 6th I think.

Well I just learned about directo object pronouns! I feel like my life is complete right now. Mostly because I think this is the most complicated thing in Spanish.. And I completely understand it now. I am currently in Philosphy. I love this class because the teacher is awesome. He is the nicest teacher I have and he always jokes with me and mostly lets me be. I also just figured out photobooth on my computer! I got really excited and took like six pictures with my class mates. Anyways... I have written a lot about nothing. Adios!

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